Alkesh Ghorpade

Ruby on Rails and Golang Consultant, Open-Source Enthusiast | Pune, India |

Hi, I am into software development since 7 years. I love working with startups and have strong problem solving skills. Optimising code is always my first focus.
When I'm not coding, you'll find me solving mathematical problems, puzzles or playing football or guitar.

Open source contribution:



Work Experience

  • Saeloun
    • Working as a Ruby on Rails contractor. Currently handling one of our client projects.
  • Reflektive
    • HRIS Automation: Responsible for scaling the cronjob by executing the import process runs of employees in parallel.
    • Selenium Java automation: Automation of HRIS flow to help speed up testing.
  • Crowdfire
    • Properties: This Go microservice is used for storing properties (posts/blogs/videos) of a user in elasticsearch and created API which sends a generic response for networks user has added. Worked on storing a user profile and properties metrics to calculate user growth on audience networks.
    • Property networks: Worked on integrating WordPress and youtube accounts and making sure real-time new property was available to the user by an app to share. Worked on syncing past properties of user and showing these properties as prescriptions for sharing across multiple audience networks.
  • TinyOwl
    • Payment System : Solely responsible for working and integration of new payment wallets.
    • Worked on Restaurants caching architecture, referral code generation and location service
    • Implementation of return policy and tracking of orders
    • Database migration from remote database into production database.



Programming Languages
Ruby on Rails 85%